Project Logistics

We covers the combination of solution design, special cargo transportation, and project management services, including detailed planning, orchestration, and sequencing of end-to-end shipments from suppliers to destination sites ensuring that all cargo converges and arrives on time.

The logistics activities needed to successfully complete a project cover the integrated process of planning and executing the complete flow of containerized and non-containerized cargo from suppliers spread across the globe, ensuring that all cargo eventually converges at a given destination site in the right sequence, with zero defect, in full and on time.

Our expertise is your assurance for a safe execution and smooth target achievement of the project. You can rely on Adrien Glebe , whether they involve inland waterway, coastal or deep-sea shipping, project logistics chains, transshipping heavy goods or transporting goods with excess dimensions or weights. We make our technical expertise available to you so that we can support you in planning the logistics for your sensitive products from the outset.